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This platform explains the English Constitution and where it came from. Graham Moore was given the online name by the people who watch and listen to his shows over ten years. Daddy Dragon, came from the fact that England’s true flag is the Red Background and white dragon. People then started calling me father Dragon (Father of the English cause) it got further personalised by the people of England to Daddy Dragon. So it all stems from the flag.

England has been a Nation, one nation under God since 927. We are one of, if not the oldest nation on earth.

Why is America under attack? Because America is England’s big brother. England gave the world common law, the common law came from customary law and from the people. Not from the state. That is why I love locals and rumble. Its Local and has customary values, free speech being just one.

England has many written constitutional laws, bound by oath. Here is a list, can you see where the American constitution came from via this list.

Magna Carta 1215

Statute of Westminster 1275 (an English parliament not British)

Observance of due process of law 1368

The petition of right 1627

Habeas Corpus Act 1679

Declaration of Rights 1688 (Glorious revolution negotiation and contract)

Bill of Rights 1688 (statute)

Coronation Oath Act 1688

Crown and Parliament recognition act 1689

Act of Settlement 1700

These are not exhaustive, but gives the American and English audience recognition that these are both our laws. In 1706/7 the English parliament and Scottish parliament created a supra national state now termed as “British” It created “Parliament of Great Britain” this gave rise to a subservient creation - within 70 years of this formation the British attacked English, Scots, Irish and Welsh settlers in America. Who simply dared to demand the same rights as an Englishman. The British refused and a war ensued. This War is now called the War of independence.

But it was not a war against the English it was a war against the British Parliament. The Americans adopted the English Constitution almost in its entirety and the common law which is completely different to roman law, administrative law. Common law is about your rights, where there is a right there is a remedy. Administrative law is the opposite, it removes your rights at will in favour of the state or corporation.

Precedents in English law have been set for thousand years by great chief justices of England. These precedents are still used in America. Fortescue, Coke, Holt, Blackstone, Denning.

Scotland has Roman law, not common law. The European Union has roman law, the USSR had roman law.

The seed of globalism (or communism) is British.

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